Working with you to improve and maintain the wellbeing of your team.

Whether the impact (and isolation from colleagues) of COVID has hit your team or they are simply a little frazzled, our approach to workplace wellbeing is collaborative, adaptable, budget friendly and a little bit different.

From short, snappy online sessions that can work with challenging calendars to full day retreats including mindful paddleboarding and SUP yoga (with our award winning sister business: Wittering SUP) alongside our MBCT training we can curate a wellbeing package that will not just treat and resource your team but leave them with a new toolkit to improve everything from problem solving to  workplace relationships.

All our workshops, courses and experiences are evidence-based, accessible, non-secular, trauma-informed and compatible with all belief systems.

Just drop us an email or give us a call and we can discuss what would work best for you.

The financial impact of mental health issues in the UK workforce

  • Work-related stress and poor mental health cost UK employers £33-£42 billion annually.
  • In 2019/2020, 828,000 UK workers experienced work-related stress, anxiety, or depression.

The echoes of the pandemic

  • COVID-19 heightened stress levels due to remote work and isolation.
  • The need for proactive mental health support became evident.

Positive outcomes of workplace wellbeing

  • Fosters engaged, creative, and loyal employees.
  • Nurtures a culture of trust, driving innovation and success.

A shifting landscape

  • More UK companies are adopting wellbeing programs.
  • These initiatives create healthier, more productive workplaces.

Wittering Wellbeing: Your workplace partner

  • We provide tailored wellbeing solutions.
  • From mental health support to flexible work arrangements, we empower your workforce.
  • Together, we build a healthier, happier, and more successful workplace.

How can mindfulness help us in the workplace and our everyday lives?

MBCT is an evidence-based suite of tools we can learn, practice and develop that are proven to have a variety of quality of life-enhancing benefits, including:

Stress Reduction: Numerous studies have shown that mindfulness practices can effectively reduce stress levels, offering individuals a valuable tool to manage daily stressors.

Improved Mental Health: Research suggests that mindfulness-based interventions can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression and enhance overall psychological well-being. The latest research suggests that a consistent mindfulness practice is at least as effective as anti-depressant medication.

Enhanced Focus and Concentration: Regular mindfulness practice has been linked to improved attention and concentration, which can be beneficial for work and daily tasks.

Better Emotional Regulation: Mindfulness can help individuals better understand and manage their emotions, leading to more effective emotional regulation and response to challenging situations, responding skilfully rather than reacting unskilfully. 

Pain Management: Some studies have found that mindfulness techniques can be effective in pain management, offering relief for chronic pain conditions.

Enhanced Relationships: Mindfulness practices may lead to improved interpersonal relationships by fostering better communication and empathy.

Improved Sleep Quality: Individuals who engage in mindfulness meditation often report improved sleep quality and better sleep patterns. Sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy body and mind so this is significant.

Coping with Addiction: Mindfulness-based interventions have shown promise in helping individuals cope with addiction and substance abuse issues.

Boosted Overall Well-Being: Practicing mindfulness is associated with an increased sense of overall well-being, life satisfaction, and a positive outlook on life.

Neuroplasticity: Emerging research suggests that mindfulness can change the brain's structure and function, promoting neuroplasticity and cognitive improvements.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of mindfulness-based practices may vary from person to person, and outcomes can depend on the consistency and commitment to the practice but what we do know is that mindfulness-based practices are backed by compelling scientific evidence and the research is only just beginning.

Wittering Wellbeing is here to help you prioritise wellbeing in your workplace, leading to a happier, more successful environment.

The cost of neglecting employee wellbeing:



Work-related stress and poor mental health cost UK employers £42-£56 billion annually.


In 2019/2020, 828,000 UK workers experienced work-related stress, anxiety, or depression.


on average for every £1 invested in staff wellbeing so it’s never been timelier to prioritise staff mental health. (Deloitte Mental Health Research Report 20/21)

What do we offer?

Once we've got to know you and understand some of the challenges facing your team we can curate a supportive package for you, including:

A Taste of Mindfulness Workshop

A short, accessible but comprehensive introduction to the core foundations of mindfulness practice (a 1.5hr session available online or in person)

(£350 for up to 20 people)

Click here to find out more and book

Introducing Mindfulness
3 week course x 1hr sessions

With 3 core themes over 3 weekly sessions, this introductory course is designed to provide a basic overview of the core foundations of mindfulness including lots of theory, lots of practice and little bit of homework.

(£650 for up to 20 people)

Click here to book Introducing Mindfulness as an individual

Mindfulness For Life (MBCT-L)
8 week course x 2hr sessions

A deep dive into mindfulness blended with practical CBT exercises to empower participants with a full toolkit of evidence-based strategies with which to face the challenges of everyday life and improve their general wellbeing.

(£1650 for up to 16 people)

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Mindfulness Day Retreat

Based at our beautiful Sailing Club HQ on the stunning River Avon in Defford, nr Pershore, we spend a day together exploring mindfulness, paddleboarding, wild swimming and SUP yoga, fully catered by our friends at the farm shop next door. 

(From £1000 for up to 16 people)

Reach out anytime to chat about what might work best for you.